Pelindo II Committed to Cut National Logistic Costs

The State Port Corporate II (Pelindo II) encourages container use or jumbo bag as port stevedoring container pattern on cargo products, such as cement, fertilizer and rice to improve port productivity.

Demanding, Sea And Cost Guard Formation

Lundin 2

Shipping actors concerned about the overlap occurred in sea transportation inspection in Indonesia related with ship safety and expediency.

2011 TPS Flow Reached 1.27 Million TEUs


The State Port Corporate III noted an increment of container flow in 2011 which loaded off in some terminals in Tanjung Perak Port Surabaya of 10.8% if compared with 2010 achievement.
Container stevedoring flow in 2011 reahced 2.66 million Twenty Feet Equivalent Units (TEUs), increased of 2.4 million TEU if compared with container flow volume in previous year.

Bad Weather, TPKS Stevedoring Production Decreased


CONTAINER stevedoring productin in Semarang Container Terminal (TPKS) on quartal I/2012 predicted to be decreased, following bad weather disturbing the shipping and obstruct stevedoring activities.

The Shipping Complaints On Ship Inspection In The Middle Of The Sea

The shipping operators complained on many ship inspection in the middle of the sea conducted by the authorized parties based on contrived reasons. Vice General Chairmen of Indonesian National Shipowners’ Association (INSA), L. Sudjatmiko said the inspection had incriminate busines actors, even held by many institutions.

State Port Corporate I Brought Stevedoring Tools From Finlandia And China


The State Port Corporate I adde one more stevedoring tool in Belawan International Container Terminal or BICT Medan, North Sumatera.

State Port Corporate III Branch Of Tanjung Perak Held A Meeting With Service Users


THE STATE Port Corporate III (Pelindo III) branch of Tanjung Perak held a meeting with some associates on the beginning of week in January 2012 in this port PPSA Meeting Hall. This activity held to give more service facilitation to the service users. In this meeting, the General Manager of State Port Corporate 3 Branch of Tanjung Perak, I Putu Ariawan, confirmed that no matter how small the problem in Tanjung Perak Port territory, the service users would be invited to obtain the newest information.