Teluk Lamong Project Will In Operation On The Beginning Of 2014


Pelindo III assure one of project work package of Teluk Lamong Multipurpose Terminal, that is Package A of Rp. 404 billion from total six work package of Rp. 3.4 trillion will be completed and submitted on the end of July 2012 as the project progression had reached 92.98%.

Teluk Lamong project itself is expected can be in operation on the beginning of 2014 as a supporting terminal for load off flow improvement in Tanjung Perak Port.

The existence of the terminal located on 50 hectare-width area will also be utilized as buffer terminal when some quays in Tanjung Perak are in revitalization.

The Chief of Pelindo III Teluk Lamong Terminal Project, M. Heri Darmawan, said that the multipurpose terminal project construction physical work progression around Kali Lamong downstream had been in accordance with the agreed working schedule.

“Alhamdulillah, all in control such ruled out in the existing timeline, even specifically for Package A, it will be finished immediately. By plan, the Package A will be submitted by the contractor, that is PT. Adhi Karya of Rp. 404 billion to the management of Pelindo III on the end of July 2012,” said Heri, on Sunday, 27 May 2012.

Package A is physical works on quay development and some supporting facilities. “The progression on last weekend had reached 92.98%, then it certainly the work would be such mentioned in the schedule, so that the finishing target can be met. Package A itself had started on October 2010,” he said.

The Head of Public Relation of Pelindo III, Edi Priyanto, said the management has high interest in finishing Teluk Lamong project right in the predetermined target.

“This sincerity can be observed by the cost estimation enlargement of Lamong Bay (Teluk Lamong) Project from Rp. 2.2 trillion to be Rp. 3.4 trillion. This enlargement is related with instrument investment plan and also supporting infrastructure allocation such like road access connected with Surabaya-Gresik Toll,” Edi said to Bisnis, on Sunday 27 May 2012.

Edi explained of the sixth Teluk Lamong project packages, the plan is for this year, there will be two packages to be submitted, they are Package A and Package C on the working of the connecting bridge of Rp. 164 billion worked by PT. Nindya Karya.

“Package C itself has been 20.47%, the works increasingly improved and it is targeted to be finished and submitted on the end of 2012. Package C is started on July 2011.”

Specifically for Package B, Edi said, the progression has been low, reaching of 1.23%. “Package B is the work of two units of cause way development and container yard of Rp. 853 billion with the contractor PT. Pembangunan Perumahan and PT. Wijaya Karya which had been started from December 2011 and targeted to be finished on the end of 2013.”

Edi explained that Teluk Lamong project consisted of six packages where there are three packages, they are A, B and C which are physical package of Rp. 1.42 trillion, while the three other packages, they are D, E and F are the supporting infrastructures of Rp. 2 trillion.

From the data collected by Bisnis, Package D is building, mechanical electrical works package which has been in detail engineering design (DED) stage to be worked from November 2012.

Package E is the procurement of stevedoring instruments to be held by the order taker on Semester II 2012 and would finished on 2013. Package F is Operating System terminal to be worked on 2013 and would be finished on May 2013.
Teluk Lamong terminal will use three energy sources, they are solar energy for lighting lamps, electrical energy for stevedoring applications and also gas energy for transportation tools. *** (*/bsns)

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